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Joint Sealants

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Concrete Coatings

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Epoxy Injection

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Chemical Grouting

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Concrete Repairs

Tufflex Elastomeric Surfaces · Seismic Fiber Wrapping · Caulking · Secondary Containment

Different concrete projects
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We repair, reinforce, and replace concrete in all stages of your construction project.

Concrete Repairs

Crack and small repair – Structural epoxy injection – Joint rehabilitation – Slab Jacking


Resinous epoxy & non-slip floors – Factory & warehouse – Elastomeric urethane membranes – Heavy duty trowel-down coatings

Secondary Containment

Chemical resistant linings – Tank coatings


Corrosion solutions – Penetrating masonry sealants – Hydro-blasting – Boat dock repair and renovation

Our Technologies

A fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), also known as fiber reinforced polymer, is a composite material that use natural or synthetic fibers to mechanically enhance the strength and stiffness of a polymer matrix. FRPs used to reinforce and strengthen structures are extremely strong, up to eight times stronger than typical reinforcing steel.

SFRPs used for internal reinforcement and strengthening of structures use synthetic fibers in a polymeric matrix to provide excellent tensile strength in the direction of the fibers. The fibers are set in a straight, parallel and continuous arrangement within the matrix. These FRPs are sometimes known in the civil engineering community as high-strength composites.

Self Leveling Underlayment is a polymer modified Portland cement and gypsum based self-leveling underlayment for interior applications.

Self-Leveling Underlayment (SLU) is a Portland cement based, rapid setting mortar designed to create a smooth, level surface prior to the application of a variety of floor coverings. It is designed for fast leveling of floors from 0”- 3/4” with minimum time and labor. Surfaces can be walked on in 2 to 4 hours and the floor coverings can be installed within 12 to 24 hours. Siena Self-Leveling Primer should be used prior to using SLU.

Concrete performs very well over time in a coastal environment. For instance, a Category 3 hurricane with 111- to 130-mph winds can exert 45- to 55-psf uplift upon an open porch or deck, putting the integrity of the entire structure into jeopardy. In many coastal states, but surprisingly not all, building codes specify that structures be designed to handle these forces.

Another benefit to a concrete deck is that it’s inherently dry underneath, while a wood deck has gaps between the deck boards that allow water to run through to the lower areas. Also, if you want to have an enclosed porch area above, bugs will gain entry from below through those same spaces between deck boards. These problems can be addressed—at additional expense—on a wood deck by adding screening and some type of under deck drainage system underneath the floor joists or by using various finishes on top of the decking.

We Solve Complicated
Concrete Problems.

About Us … Integrity First

The durability, formability and structural properties of concrete has made it a material that has been used in all sort of construction from airport runways to bridges. From ancient Romans to cityscape freeways and from the Pantheon dome to Hoover Dam, concrete has been one of the most used construction materials for its stability and durability for the ages and for the ages to come.

Surface Systems Inc. has been repairing bridges, roads, parking garages, culverts, county court house steps, train tunnels sealing, and glass glazing between stall panels for decades. We are no strangers to providing the structural integrity needed to maintain or create any project designed with concrete.

We offer joint sealants, epoxy injections as well as chemical grouting…Specialty services few can be relied upon to provide; to and for your project. Consider us as your best choice!

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